Pazhasi milk products | Best Dairy products
Pazhasi milk products | Best Dairy products

Welcome To Pazhasi Kerala's Best Choice Dairy Brand.

Pazhasi - One of the Top Dairy companies in Kerala

We are a dairy company hailing from Kerala and focused on bring dairy goodness to table all over God’s own country. Whether you are looking for a healthy snack, a product to add to your favourite meal or simply a glass of milk, you have come to the right place. We deliver a long list of quality dairy products that include milk, ghee, butter, paneer and more. Renowned for being the best dairy products in Kerala, Pazhasi is focused on producing fresh and tasty dairy products that stands out as being commodities of excellent standards.

As humans, every one of us gives importance and value to the taste of the food that we eat. So, we here at Pazhasi take pride in bringing people the best dairy products that is available in the beautiful state of Kerala. As much as taste is our concern, we give utmost importance to making the products healthy. We eat food to satisfy our cravings and also as fuel for our body. Thus, it is only fair to give our customers health alternatives than what’s out there in the market.


        To serve the mankind for anything and everything, licit and scatheless, to the cheerful and peaceful co-existence, that helps in enlightenment regardless of race, caste, creed, sex, and religion.
To serve the humanity by giving back in multifolds to society, what we accumulate through our commercial endeavours.


To be a trustworthy value creator for all our stakeholders.


1) To keep the promises that we make.

We ensure to implement the promises that we make to foster trust in our operations.

2) Selling is serving

We ensure that our products make a positive impact on society by prioritising client needs and solving existing problems

3) Trust and relationship

We value the power of relationships and trust and realise that it is far greater than any monetary gains made at the expense of it.

4) Excellence and merit.

We consider excellence and merit as the only guideline for building and breaking any contract, deal, business or agreements provided they are within the legal framework of the country. Unjust enrichment by virtue of illegal compensation is against the ethics of this organisation.

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Our Organic Food The mixed fruit and veg box is great for a smaller household wanting to get more variety and fresh produce.

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We want you to feel good about what you are putting in your mouth. We make each of our dairy products in Kerala with much love and passion. That helps us create a wonderful experience of taste when you eat our product and we are sure that your mouth will water for more. We will take your taste organs for an adventure and will give you the best experience of your life time. This passion for delivering happiness is what keeps us as one of the top dairy companies in Kerala.

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